Since 1974, Blume Supply has set up many woodworking shops, including the original shop at Paramount’s Carowinds, and the majority of the quality local cabinet shops. Many school systems, including the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, have shops full of woodworking machinery supplied by Blume Supply.

We carry higher end machinery and much heavier duty than the grade you fine at hardware and home stores. We understand our customer has to depend on their machinery to stay running and operate efficiently if they are going to turn a profit. We have also outfitted many high end home workshops.

More and more people have realized the value of the quality equipment. Understanding that though it may cost a little more in the beginning, high grade machinery will last much longer in the end and will need less service, equating to more fun, and more profit.

With over 35 assembled machines in our showroom, and 30+ years experience in woodworking products, Blume Supply is the obvious choice for your woodworking needs.

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