Nothing is better than the service after the sale. You may drive the finest car on the road, but if you have no one to turn to for help when you have a problem, what good is it on the side of the road?

Blume Supply has its own in-house staffed power tool repair department stocked with most major common repair parts for most name brand power tools. Normal repairs are turned around in one to two days. You don’t want the tool that is supposed to be making you money sitting around in a box waiting to be fixed. We get right on it. Blume Supply Repair Tech

In many emergency situations, we can even repair the tools for you while you wait.

Our repair technician brings over two decades of experience to the work bench, and regularly attends classes to keep up to date with technology and modernized tooling.

Blume Supply’s Repair Department: Another example of how we stand behind what we sell.

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