From threaded rod to strut…..from epoxy anchors to stainless steel anchors…..from scaffolding to pump jacks…..from power tools to woodworking machinery; well, you get the idea. Blume Supply has a vast array of essential and necessary components to facilitate all types of commercial construction, including HVAC customers, plumbers, electricians and more. We even stock a large variety of cable installation tools like the local telephone, cable and satellite companies require in their daily use.

Blume Supply specifically caters to the professional who makes his living with his tools. Accordingly, we stock quality, heavy duty tools that will last longer, perform better, and in the long run give the customer more value for his dollar. We even stock specialty items for certain customers so they can have what they want, when they want it. Time is money, and we respect that, and will do most anything our customer requires to make his job easier, quicker and more profitable.

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